Rough Rookie Year

My first year of making street paintings' been rough, I had a lot of confusions on what style or idea I wanted to make constant on my works. But later on, I realized it's okay having different concepts on every piece since I'm on the process of finding which genre I'm most fitted, you can't force the same idea every time you paint. [That differs on some people though, I think.]

Anyways, this first post's not gonna be about how I see my flow of works but rather a post about my fave pieces on my first year. Soo, heeereyare:

Fave throw-up I made.
Roughly 10-15mins of adrenaline rush.

A collaboration with Resist @ Caps Fest 4.
Wanted to create a sort of Cyberpunk piece here.

The next two are in a set of three, pieces I did under the heavy
influence of Uzi Emperado's and Godmachine's digital illustrations.

The last one is done @ Uytengsu.
It's dirty, it's filthy, it's paradise!