Resist, Bek and Mau

First to paint at Escario's freshest walls after the road widening.

Pharaoh Bekankhamun

5 hours of sketching, thinking, rethinking, 3 hours na tira!
shoutout to Ubec Crew and the brother crews SSF | South Street Faction and Deep Street Faction, and Carrot Bombing (fuck, wrong spelling.) HAHA!

Deep Shitty!

Fresh Deep City air!
Bek, Janot and Sork of SSK in front of Dipolog City Capitol.
So nice to see new taggers on the block in my hometown.

SSF, Ubec Crew and ChannelFix

Painted with Flaime, Rotten, Dspyr and Blowi for a documentary shoot with ChannelFix.

The legendary Blowi

SSF collaborates with the legendary Blowi! Graff sessions at Escario, Cebu.

StreetLow Station

Trying to apply a new style of shading, epic fail. Tsssh!

Hero's welcome to Mushu

The Sizzling Sexy Fellaz welcomes a new mate!

South Street Faction

Bek and Janot of South Street Faction (formerly "Lightning Rapists" of Sulat Kamay 2011 Cebu Leg).
Mistakenly tagged "Cebu" instead of "South".
South Street Faction

Sulat Kamay 2011 Cebu Leg

Bek, Mau and Janot.
Finished 2nd, tied with Team SVD then lost to a Sudden Death match.

We're bringin' sexy back!

Painting Resist and folks from Finland, Eocs and Pols of CSI Crew.

The Junks at Punta

The Junks Flaime and Bek x Ubec Owen

Visayas Biennale Exhibit

The Junks Collective. Art exhibit and live painting by Sampipebomb, Bek , Bart, Flaime, Rage, and Kidlat.